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It is our goal to be personally available to all our clients.

You will find our attorneys and support staff to be friendly, accessible, and happy to consult with you regarding your case. Our offices are easily accessible, comfortable, and available for our clients to come in and consult with their attorney or paralegal.

“Joe Pickard and his firm recently helped me through a long and contentious separation and divorce. It was by far the most difficult period in my life, but Joe and his team helped to manage the process and kept me focused on our overall objectives. We chose an effective mediator and avoided a costly trial. In fact, Joe developed a number of strategies that helped to save me money during the settlement process. If you are going through a divorce, it is vital that you choose an attorney with whom you can develop an effective relationship during this difficult period in your life. I found Joe to be very effective and efficient, but it was his qualities of honesty, empathy, fairness, integrity and loyalty that were key to making the relationship work. He was truly my trusted advisor and protected my interests, (fiduciary, emotional and spiritual)! Thank you Joe, KayAnn and all the team at Pickard and Associates!”
– Joe G.

“On behalf of my entire family, I give you our endless thanks for your help with this situation. You’ve been efficient, honest, and most of all caring and empathetic; we owe you a debt not just for representing us, but for helping keep our family together. Although we always hope no one would have to go through anything similar, rest assured if anyone we know needs legal representation for a family issue, you’ll be the only name we recommend.”
– Michael M.

“I just wanted to let you, and your staff, know how much I appreciated your top-notch legal services in handling my divorce case. Your knowledge of our legal system is unsurpassed, your counsel on domestic negotiations was always correct, and your personal touch was instrumental in helping me get through one of the most difficult times of my life.”
– Jay T.

“I would like to recommend Pickard & Associates to anyone who is facing the difficult change in their life due to a divorce. The staff at Pickard & Associates always made me feel welcomed and not just a client. Having Pickard & Associates there gave me the strength I needed. They have extensive knowledge and handle everything with the utmost professionalism.”
– Shelly J.

“I have worked with the Pickard and Associates team for many years and, I thank all of their team for the help and support that they have provided for my family. Sometimes, there is no resolution, and bitter disagreements, over various family matters. The Pickard team did a great job for me and my family.”
– Dave A.

“I found myself unprepared for accusations during a bitter divorce. Had it not been for the experience and guidance of Pickard & Associates, my life would have dramatically changed for the worse. I now share parenting time with my daughter and have my business.”
– Warren K.

“I want to thank you and your associates again for the successful resolution to our family’s medical malpractice suit that we settled in 1995. This settlement enabled our family to give our daughter the best life we could give her. It provided for equipment, handicap accessible vans, vacations, a communication device and other things that we would not have been able to afford. Also, the settlement vindicated our family from the false accusations of child abuse. Although money does not solve every problem, it certainly helps to accomplish the goals we had for taking care of our child.”
– Sandra H.

“Pickard & Associates was awesome representing me. I was in a tough situation and I needed a caliber of attorney that would make a difference. I was referred to Pickard & Associates by another attorney that had seen them in the courtroom. Even the judge was impressed with their understanding of the law. I was very pleased with the outcome.”
– Gerry L.