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The Legal Skill And Knowledge You Need After A Catastrophic Truck Accident

Although any motor vehicle accident can be highly injurious or fatal, truck accidents nearly always end in catastrophic injury or death. Semi trucks weigh 20 to 30 times more than a standard car, are much larger and have a higher center of gravity. In any collision between a truck and a smaller vehicle, there is no doubt about which vehicle’s occupants will fare worse.

If you’ve been injured or lost a loved one in a truck accident anywhere in Colorado, the firm to contact for legal help is Pickard Law, P.C. Truck accident litigation is high stakes and highly complex, and not all personal injury attorneys are up to the task. But as attorneys of one of the premier law firms in the Denver metro area, we have the skills, experience, legal knowledge and resources necessary to effectively take on trucking companies and commercial insurers.

Immediate And Thorough Investigation Is Critical

Trucking companies are backed by expensive commercial insurance policies. Whenever a truck accident occurs, insurance investigators are often at the scene within hours. Their goal is to take control of all available evidence and craft a narrative of events that is favorable to the insurer and the trucking company. Money and reputations are at stake, as they work quickly to protect both.

As a truck accident victim, you won’t be able to respond nearly as quickly – medical care is and should be your highest priority. But once you can turn your attention to other matters, it is important to contact an attorney as soon as reasonably possible. When clients retain our services, we immediately begin our own thorough and independent investigation into the crash. We know what to look for, where to find it, and which tactics insurers may try to use to slow or prevent our progress.

Collecting Evidence And Building A Strong Case

In order to successfully prove liability, truck accident lawyers must be ready to collect and analyze incredible amounts of evidence. When we build a case, we gather as much evidence as possible, including:

  • Driver logbooks showing their hours of service in the days leading up to the crash (to see whether fatigue played a role)
  • The data contained in the truck’s “black box,” which shows information about the vehicle’s performance at the time of the crash (speed, attempts to brake, the direction of travel, etc.)
  • The truck driver’s commercial driver’s license status, level of experience and any history of accidents
  • Truck driver medical records, to determine if they suffer from illnesses like sleep apnea or seizure disorders
  • Inspection, service and repair logs for the truck, to determine if the trucking company was negligent in making regular inspections and promptly attending to maintenance and repair issues
  • The cargo manifest and information about when and how the vehicle was loaded, to determine if the truck was overweight, unbalanced or otherwise loaded improperly
  • Statements from all available witnesses to the accident

Because trucks are commercial vehicles, they should be meticulously tracked and monitored. After a crash, the data collected by the truck and by the driver’s employer often proves highly valuable in demonstrating that the driver and/or the trucking company was negligent.

Reach Out Today To Learn How We Can Help You

When you hire the attorneys at Pickard Law, P.C., you can rest assured that your case is in good hands. We know how complex truck accident litigation is, and we meet the challenge enthusiastically. To discuss your legal options with us during a free initial consultation, call our office in Littleton at 303-989-6655 or fill out our online contact form.