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Let Us Provide Answers To Your Family Law Questions

A divorce, child custody dispute or another family law matter will change your daily life in some fundamental ways. As such, you likely have numerous questions. We’ve provided answers to some common family law questions on this page, but we invite you to contact us for case-specific advice and guidance.

Will property be divided 50-50 in the divorce/dissolution?

Not necessarily. Like most states, Colorado follows the “equitable distribution” model of property division. Under this model, all marital property, assets and debts must be divided equitably, which isn’t always the same thing as equally. Judges can deviate from a 50-50 division to account for financial disparities between spouses or in recognition of extraordinary circumstances.

It is also worth noting that marital property is property acquired by either spouse during the marriage (with few exceptions). Any property obtained prior to marriage or given explicitly to one spouse during the marriage (like a family inheritance) would likely be considered separate and not subject to division in divorce.

Are laws and/or judges biased against mothers or fathers in child custody matters?

In Colorado, there is no bias in statute (written law) for or against either parent. If such bias exists in practice, it is very limited. Judges are required to make custody decisions (known as parental responsibility) in the best interests of children. Much of the time, that means keeping both parents actively involved in the children’s lives. Time with the children may not be allocated perfectly equally, however.

Can child custody and child support awards be changed?

Yes, they can, if circumstances warrant doing so. If you were the parent seeking a modification, you would need to demonstrate a change in either parent’s finances (for support matters) or living/life circumstances (for custody matters) substantial enough that the current order no longer reflects the best interests of the children.

Whether you are seeking a modification or seeking to prevent one, our attorneys will vigorously advocate for you and your children.

Will my small business be at risk during the divorce?

It could be. Even if you run your business with no help or input from your spouse, chances are good that marital funds have become mingled with business assets. This means your spouse likely has a financial stake in the business and could be entitled to a share of it in the divorce.

When you work with our firm, you’ll have attorneys who are experienced in both family law and business law. We may be able to shield your business from the negative impacts of the divorce and help you prioritize full ownership when going through property division.

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