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Family Law

As one of the top law firms in Denver, Pickard Law, P.C., takes responsibility for effective, investigation and representation, allowing the injured to attend to health, family and economic issues, while pursuing legal means to obtain the highest financial recovery.


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Family law cases tend to be more emotionally charged than other legal matters. This is true not just for the two parties litigating the issue but also for their respective lawyers and even the judge overseeing the case. And for issues like divorce and child custody, the increased tension may not go away after the case has concluded, which is unhealthy for children and co-parents alike.

To address this problem, many states have begun to offer various forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes, including mediation. Some states even require parties to try ADR first before proceeding to litigation. The goal of ADR is to resolve legal disputes more peacefully and cooperatively, reducing stress and preserving relationships whenever possible. However, mediation and other forms of ADR also tend to be quicker and less expensive, and they often give both parties more control to reach a mutually agreeable outcome.

We have extensive experience in family law and represent clients in the following areas: allocation of parental responsibilities, contempt, divorce, paternity, child custody, child support, arrearages, visitation, temporary orders, legal separation, domestic abuse, mediation, arbitration, spousal support, modifications, judgment enforcement, grandparents’ rights cases, guardianships, and all other financial or property-related disputes.

We represent parents in matters involving social services and allegations of child abuse and neglect.

Family Law Attorney In Littleton

When it comes to family law in Littleton, Colorado, the experienced attorneys at Pickard Law, P.C., can help litigate challenging cases in Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Denver, Douglas, and Jefferson counties and communities throughout the state of Colorado. Our skilled, compassionate family law attorneys recognize that divorce, paternity or child custody matters can be emotionally trying for all involved. Our team of legal professionals will work with you to preserve what matters most to you and pursue your best interests with diligence and integrity.

Pickard Law, P.C., provides the following family law services to our clients:

  • Adoption
  • Custody
  • Child support
  • Divorce
  • Guardian ad litem
  • Maintenance
  • Modifications
  • Name change
  • Parental rights
  • Parenting classes
  • Paternity
  • Relocation with children due to domestic violence

Our experienced attorneys have served thousands of clients like you who find themselves needing legal assistance in domestic or family matters. Pickard Law, P.C., understands the pressures and problems families experience in our society and strives to provide professional, compassionate service to our clients.

People can sometimes feel overwhelmed by their situation and the legal proceedings in which they find themselves. Pickard Law, P.C., will help guide you through the process and persistently represent your interests. Call us at 303-989-6655 to speak with an attorney.

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Family law encompasses many different legal services. Divorce, child custody, child support and spousal maintenance are the family law cases with which most people are familiar. Yet, family law also encompasses numerous other statutes, proceedings and processes in which people often require professional legal assistance.

The lawyers of Pickard Law, P.C., have more than 80 years of combined legal experience handling family law cases. If you find yourself entangled in child custody, child support or parental rights disputes with your former spouse, our team of attorneys can assist you with navigating the process. We can also help you modify or remain in compliance with any court-ordered rulings.

Child custody, child support, divorce and spousal maintenance are among the more emotionally charged legal cases in the legal field. Our family law attorneys have helped thousands of clients throughout the years face these emotionally challenging situations, and we can help you, too. Call Pickard Law, P.C., to schedule a free, confidential appointment with a lawyer who will listen to fully understand your situation and help you to manage your legal issues.

Legal Services For Families In Littleton

Our team of skilled professionals provides courteous, expert legal service to the metropolitan Denver area and communities throughout the state of Colorado. Pickard Law, P.C., gives you the care and service you deserve when facing legal matters regarding family or domestic issues.

The attorneys at Pickard Law, P.C., in Littleton, Colorado, have experience managing complex family law cases in Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Denver, Douglas and Jefferson counties and throughout the state. The compassionate, skilled family lawyers at Pickard Law, P.C., know that matters of divorce and child custody can be demanding emotional experiences. We provide our clients with the personal attention their cases deserve.


The state of Colorado refers to divorce as a dissolution of marriage. The requirements for obtaining a divorce include the following:

  • One spouse must reside in the state at least 91 days before filing.
  • Minor children must reside in the state at least 182 days before filing.
  • The petitioner (person filing) files a petition for dissolution in their local district court.
  • The respondent (the other party) has 21 days to file a response. Respondents residing outside Colorado have 35 days to respond.
  • A decree for dissolution of marriage cannot be granted sooner than 91 days after the respondent’s formal reply to the summons.

Parties who can discuss their issues and separate amicably – especially in cases involving children – can complete their divorce quickly. However, if you are unable to reach an agreement with your spouse, the experienced Littleton divorce attorneys at Pickard Law, P.C., will represent you with the earnest determination needed to ensure your legal rights are protected.

Child Custody

Colorado law does not recognize traditional joint or sole custody designations but instead uses the term parental responsibility, defined as joint or primary. Equal overnight visitation with a minor child is a joint responsibility. A parent with fewer than 93 overnight visitations with a minor child is not considered the primary parent.

Colorado further differentiates between decision-making and residential responsibilities. A parent has sole decision-making responsibility when they can make all major decisions regarding their minor children without consulting the other parent. Conversely, joint decision-making responsibility is when both parents share decision-making responsibilities.

If you are unsure about your rights and responsibilities under Colorado child custody law, call the experienced family law attorneys at Pickard Law, P.C., at 303-989-6655.


If you are subject to court-ordered child support, you may qualify for a downward modification if you experience a notable change in your financial circumstances, such as unemployment. In cases where a former spouse earns more income than they did when the original support order was authorized, you may qualify for an upward modification.

When filing a motion for modification of child support, a judge will either review your motion and schedule a hearing or decide the matter without scheduling a hearing. You are allowed representation at your hearing.

The experienced child custody attorneys at Pickard Law, P.C., can guide you through the process of modifying your current child support agreement when your financial situation (or that of your former spouse) has significantly changed.

Protecting Property And Assets During A Divorce Proceeding

The experienced divorce attorneys at Pickard Law, P.C., have represented divorce cases involving high-value assets and other types of wealth and property. We work hard on your behalf to secure a fair division of assets in your case.

Call us today at 303-989-6655 to discuss your case with a family law attorney.

Marital Property Division In The State Of Colorado

Spouses dividing marital property in Colorado must equitably divide all property acquired during the marriage. Fair division and equal division are not the same. Factors like age, income, and contributions as a homemaker and to the estate of the marriage are all considered.

Marital assets and property can include:

  • Family residence
  • Vacation property
  • Other properties
  • Business assets
  • Household items
  • Personal belongings
  • Retirement accounts and pensions
  • Stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other investments
  • Cars and other motor vehicles

The skilled divorce attorneys at Pickard Law, P.C., consult financial specialists who determine the value of the marital property and a subsequent equitable division. Our investigators can also help uncover possible undisclosed assets and income.

Dividing Shared Marital Debts

You and your spouse must divide your shared debts along with your property and assets. Commonly shared debts include:

  • Car loans
  • Home loans
  • Student loans
  • Credit card debt
  • Other independent loans

We work diligently on your behalf, ensuring the even and equitable distribution of debts between both parties.

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Contact us at Pickard Law, P.C., today to schedule a confidential, free consultation. Allow our skilled family law attorneys to help you negotiate a separation agreement that is fair and equitable to you and your spouse.

During a divorce, it is common for one of the marital partners to request maintenance – otherwise known as alimony – as part of the separation agreement the former spouses accept at the end of their marriage. If you or your partner makes more money than the other, the lower-earning spouse will usually seek maintenance.

Generally speaking, if the duration of the marriage is long and the income difference between spouses is high, then the payments will either be more substantial or paid over a longer period. Many factors determine an award of maintenance. Call 303-989-6655 today to speak with a family law attorney at Pickard Law, P.C., to understand your options.