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Dependency And Neglect

Parents facing accusations of dependency & neglect are entitled to a lawyer at all stages of the case. We advocate for parents and inform them of their rights at every stage of these complex proceedings. Social services may allege a child has been abandoned, mistreated, or abused; is out of control, homeless, or neglected; or that the parents have otherwise provided an unsafe environment. If so, a variety of actions could occur; from placing the child in the temporary custody of another to permanent termination of parental rights. Not only are we experienced in representing parents accused of dependency and neglect, but we are also skilled in handling appeals of these types of cases.


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Dependency and neglect cases are civil actions initiated by the county health and human services department. These emotionally charged cases are typically investigated by multiple authorities, including county attorneys, social workers, court-appointed advocates and others. During the investigation, the state must ensure the rights and best interests of allegedly abused minor children as well as the parents facing allegations.

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Child Abuse And Neglect Cases

Child abuse and neglect are often difficult to define because they are described differently in federal and state statutes as well as the court system. At the federal level, the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) defines child abuse as an act or failure by a parent or caretaker resulting in a child being subject to sexual abuse or exploitation, serious physical or emotional harm, or death.

An act or failure to act that places a child at risk of serious harm is also considered child abuse. CAPTA has minimum standards, and each state may have codified its interpretations of mistreatment in civil and criminal codes.

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Colorado State Laws For Dependency And Neglect

Colorado defines abuse or neglect аѕ an act or omission that threatens the health or well-being of a child and includes evidence of the following:

  • Bruising
  • Bleeding
  • Malnutrition or failure tо thrive
  • Burns
  • Fractures оf аnу bone
  • Subdural hematoma
  • Soft tissue swelling
  • Death

Other considerations regarding child injuries and possible charges are:

  • Lacking a viable reason for the child’s injury or death
  • The explanation for the child’s injury or death is not in alignment with the facts
  • Circumstances indicate the fatal or injurious incident was not accidental

Other acts defined by Colorado law that constitute abuse or neglect include any case in which:

  • There are children exposed to unlawful sexual behavior
  • There are children subjected to emotional abuse
  • Controlled substances are manufactured in the presence of, or on the same premises where there are children
  • Children test positive at birth for certain controlled substances

Colorado law requires third parties such as physicians and school employees to report knowledge or suspicion of abuse to authorities, too. Child abuse causes devastating and lasting emotional and physical harm to children. Persons who suspect child abuse should report the alleged behavior to the police right away.

In the state of Colorado, an act or omission resulting in the child abuse described has serious consequences. If you need legal assistance in a child abuse case, we’re here to help provide guidance and support. Call the experienced defense attorneys at Pickard Law, P.C., for a confidential free consultation at 303-989-6655. Our skilled, compassionate attorneys will listen to your case and work with you in your defense.