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Civil And Criminal Appeals

Our firm represents and advises clients on appeals who are or might become involved in an appeal as a result of a civil or family case, criminal conviction, or revocation of probation or parole. Our appellate practice encompasses every level of state and federal court.


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Mistakes happen. Of course, mistakes that come in the courtroom often have significantly higher stakes than those in domestic life. When legal errors are potentially at play, a civil appeal attorney will make sure to file an appeal to a higher court, often a federal one.

The court’s decision is simple — to decide whether or not the lower court made legal errors. Reaching that conclusion, however, is not. Therefore, it is the responsibility of a civil appeal attorney to file a persuasive brief that offers their client relief from the sentence or conviction.

The appeals process is a make-or-break event. Successful appeals can free clients of the burden of the lower court’s legal errors while an unsuccessful or declined one can mark a dead end for the case. That is why people look to the knowledge and experience of Pickard Law, P.C., when they need a civil appeal attorney in Littleton, Colorado.

The appeals process is a high stakes affair. The ultimate goal for an appellate lawyer is to correct errors or clarify an interpretation of the law. This result requires crafting meticulous and precise arguments while navigating the complexities of the legal system.

The intricacies and gravity of the appeals process require a specific kind of lawyer. Whether the case is at the state or federal level, our appellate lawyers in Littleton have handled appeals of all magnitudes. Our committed team of professionals ensures clients receive the equity and due process they deserve.

Services Of An Appellate Lawyer

Appellate law is multifaceted. It requires significant dedication to strategizing and researching cases to craft the sharpest possible case. That includes going through an intensive discovery phase, where appellate lawyers can gauge how vital or impactful information is.

It is challenging to overstate the importance of preparation. Our appellate lawyers invest countless hours for clients across the Mountain West to hone their arguments. They are also responsible for:

  • Advising clients on issues of self-preservation
  • Advocating on behalf of clients before an appellate judge
  • Assisting in trial counsel
  • Creating strategies for post-trial actions
  • Drafting persuasive briefs and appellate documents
  • Preparing dispositive motions
  • Preserving the record for appeal
  • Research and analyzing case law
  • Reviewing and analyzing trial records

The caveat to appellate law is that cases have already gone through the legal system before they reach an appellate lawyer. In many cases, the lawyers are revisiting cases that are several years old. They must then dig through the past documentation to find new and compelling information to use in court.

Appellate Experience

Appellate law involves a distinct skillset and strategic focus compared to trial law. The process has a more extensive focus on crystalizing evidence through discovery and witness examinations that can decide a case. An appellate lawyer will advocate for his or her client based on the specific considerations of the appellate judges deciding the case.

A successful appeal requires presenting facts persuasively and concisely. Because cases may be several years old upon the motion, the argument demands a wealth of hands-on experience and insight into the field. There is an exceptionally high requirement for analyzing the legal influences on the case and the policies that shape the law.

Arguments must be watertight upon presentation. They must stand up to the scrutiny of multiple judges instead of one. Recycling trial-level arguments and authorities will not do. Instead, the appeal should be original, compelling, and concise.

Finding An Appellate Lawyer

Research. Analysis. Writing. These are just some of the skills required of an exceptional appellate lawyer. Thanks to more than 80 years in the legal field, clients can leverage our knowledge and expertise to shape the issues of their cases persuasively.

This appellate law experience is invaluable when it comes to the courtroom. The appeals process can represent a single opportunity for clients to earn relief from a wrongful conviction. Make the most of the chance with counsel and representation from the best appellate lawyers in Littleton, Colorado.

Life is unfair. Fortunately, the legal system allows people to contest errant decisions. If the court convicts someone of a crime, the plaintiff or defendant can appeal it to a higher court. The goal is for the appellate court to review and reverse the initial decision.

There are many reasons to hire a criminal appeal attorney. Foremost, the plaintiff or defendant must persuade the court that significant legal mistakes perversely impacted the sentencing and jury’s decision. As a result, the appellate court should re-try or re-sentence the case entirely. They may also ask for:

  • Changes of plea
  • Motion for a new trial
  • Plea for withdrawal
  • Sentence appeals
  • Sentence modifications
  • Writs of habeas corpus
  • Writs of mandamus

Pickard Law, P.C., has helped people across Littleton successfully navigate the appeals process. That includes everything from discovery plans to drafting briefs to build the most robust case possible. As a result, countless people now experience relief from inaccurate convictions and sentences.