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Let Us Provide Knowledgeable Answers To Your Business Law Questions

At Pickard Law, P.C., we are proud to assist Denver-area business owners with a wide variety of legal services and to provide representation in litigated disputes. Below, we answer some questions many potential clients have when looking to hire an attorney. After reading, feel free to contact us for answers to your own business law questions.

What are my options for resolving a partnership dispute?

Disputes between co-owners of a business are fairly common, and they can be resolved in a number of ways. Some resolution options include:

  • Working with a neutral mediator to engage in a series of constructive discussions with your partner
  • Taking the dispute into arbitration, which keeps the issue out of court while still allowing for a binding decision
  • Litigating the dispute in court (which most people want to avoid because of the time and expense involved)
  • One partner buying out the other partner’s interest in the business
  • Dissolving or selling the business to a third party and splitting the assets/profit

This is a very diverse list of options, including some that are “last resort” in nature. The option you choose will depend on your overall goals for the business, how intractable the disagreement is, whether you feel you can continue to work with your partner and other factors.

Can working with a business law attorney prevent future legal problems?

The answer to this question is absolutely yes. Many business owners don’t think to hire an attorney until a problem has already arisen and cannot be resolved through informal talks between the two parties. By consulting an attorney at key stages during the founding and growth of your business, you can predict and prevent problems from arising in the first place.

A good example is contract disputes. These often occur because contracts are vague, incomplete or poorly written. By working with an experienced attorney, like those at our firm, you can ensure your contracts are thorough and enforceable, greatly reducing the risk that a dispute will occur and/or end up in court.

What if my business cannot afford to hire in-house counsel?

Most small businesses in Colorado cannot afford a lawyer or law firm on permanent retainer. Moreover, most businesses don’t need this level of legal service. The best value for your money typically comes from forming a long-term relationship with a firm that you can hire as needed.

Our firm has been around for more than 35 years, during which time we have developed lasting partnerships with many local businesses. We stay up to date on our clients’ business needs and goals, and we retain detailed records of the work we have done in the past. That way, business owners don’t need to spend time and effort imparting important background information each time they retain our services.

How Can We Help Your Business? Contact Us To Discuss Your Needs.

Based in Littleton, Pickard Law, P.C., serves clients throughout the Denver metro area and beyond. To learn more about what our skilled attorneys can do for your business, contact us to schedule an initial consultation. Simply call 303-989-6655 or reach out online.