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Companies of all sizes engage with the legal system every day. That includes everything from forming a limited liability company to reviewing vendor agreements.


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No company gets into business to become litigious. It just happens. Whether the dispute stems from shareholder issues or a breach of contract, there is an endless number of reasons why a business may deal with litigation.

The key is resolving these issues in the interests of the company, employees, and customers. A business litigation lawyer in Littleton, Colorado, can step in with the best possible results in mind. They’ll evaluate the merits of the dispute, serve as a negotiator, and ensure the process is cost-effective in its resolution.

Pickard Law, P.C., has an extensive track record when it comes to resolving complex and challenging litigation cases in Littleton. Our lawyers work closely with clients to ensure each party understands the case. Considering the pressures of the modern economic climate, it is imperative to have a business litigation lawyer that can keep these costs in check should any issues arise.

Hiring A Business Lawyer

A business lawyer provides guidance when owners need it most. They offer strategic assistance to help companies make informed decisions that benefit their employees and customers. Some scenarios that may require a business lawyer include:

  • Acquisitions
  • Applying for an employer identification number
  • Compliance with labor and employment laws
  • Compliance with zoning laws
  • Dissolutions
  • Establishing the company’s structure
  • Hiring independent contractors
  • Legal advice
  • Licenses and permits
  • Mediation
  • Mergers
  • Processing audits from the IRS
  • Selling a business
  • Trademarking and branding
  • Workers compensation claims
  • Writing a business plan

Companies, especially small ones, may not have the resources to tackle these issues head-on. A business lawyer is particularly useful when it comes to prevention.

For instance, a prospective employee may sue a business because they believe the hiring process discriminates against women. If the company hires a lawyer when the lawsuit begins, all they can do is hope for the best. However, having a business lawyer examine the hiring process before the company opens can go a long way towards preventing these issues.

A lawyer can look over the hiring process to pinpoint any potential causes of discrimination. This foresight allows the business to make changes ahead of time and dramatically reduce liabilities. A business lawyer can also remind owners that specific measures, such as asking about religion, are illegal.

Overseeing And Approving Business Contracts

Many times, business lawyers review and negotiate the deals of company contracts. The goal is for their company to enter into a legally binding agreement that represents their best interests. This process requires a continual discussion between parties to finalize all the details.

Again, an ounce of prevention goes a long way toward mitigating future headaches. In this case, a lawyer will not only negotiate on behalf of a company but also review the agreements. The oversight can prevent business owners from inadvertently agreeing to unfavorable terms.

Finding A Business Lawyer In Littleton

The choice to have a business lawyer in-house or hire an outside firm is a personal decision. The option will rest on the resources and business plan of the company, as well as its future goals. While there are some business matters that companies can handle internally, there are many legal issues that require professional guidance.

When it comes to hiring or retaining a lawyer in Littleton, Colorado, Pickard Law, P.C., has you covered. Our business lawyers have more than seven decades of experience in the field and have an unwavering commitment to professionalism and ethics. It is why businesses around the Denver metro area choose us for their legal needs.

Starting a company isn’t easy. Make sure your effort and investment pay off with the guidance of a business lawyer. A good lawyer can walk you through business planning to ensure it accommodates employees and stakeholders in every scenario.

For instance, a business plan needs to consider which employees can claim company assets. The same goes for making adjustments in the face of a rapid upturn or downturn in the economy. A business lawyer can also help with:

  • Asset distribution in case a business owner dies
  • Compliance with labor laws
  • Financial protection
  • Legal structure
  • Licenses and permits
  • Ownership
  • Planning the dissolution of a business

For all these issues and more, Pickard Law, P.C., can help. Our veteran team of lawyers has decades of experience assisting Littleton business owners at every stage of the business planning process. Discover the difference legal guidance can make for your company’s bottom line today.

Buying a car requires shoppers to do their due diligence. They look under the hood, check accident history, compare rates, and more. The same logic applies when buying or selling a business. The difference is there are more than a few thousand dollars at stake.

A business purchase and sale lawyer in Littleton can facilitate the acquisition or auction of an enterprise. For instance, if a client is buying another company, they are the ones looking under the metaphorical hood. The lawyers take the time to ensure the economic health of the company, potential pros and cons, legal compliance, and other matters are in good working order.

If a client is selling, the business purchase and sale lawyer will go over disclosure obligations and gauge a buyer’s willingness to act. In a competitive economy, business owners may have additional opportunities to find a superior offer. Regardless of the transaction side, at Pickard Law, P.C., we work with business owners to manage the buying and selling process.