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3 reasons people in Colorado get arrested for DUI offenses

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2023 | Firm News

There are dozens of traffic laws in Colorado, and the average driver violates a few of those laws with some regularity. People might frequently exceed the speed limit or choose to perform rolling stops at intersections due to minimal traffic. If these drivers get caught, they will likely need to pay a sizable ticket because of their driving decisions.

However, there are other traffic offenses that the state considers serious enough to warrant arrest and actual criminal prosecution. With the exception of scenarios involving vehicular homicide, driving under the influence (DUI) charges are arguably the most serious criminal accusations the state can bring related to someone’s conduct in traffic.

Those accused of a DUI offense could end up in jail and might lose their license for an extended period of time. These are the three primary circumstances that lead to the arrest and prosecution of individuals for impaired driving in Colorado.

Getting into a crash

Those who are under the influence may have longer reaction times and difficulty focusing on the road. They might make the wrong choice at an intersection or when passing someone which leads to a preventable collision. Officers often suspect alcohol impairment at the scene of a crash and will potentially request testing from the drivers involved. If they obtain proof of chemical impairment, officers might arrest them even if they didn’t actually cause the crash.

Failing chemical tests

Often, people get arrested for a DUI offense during what starts off as a normal traffic stop. Someone exceeds the speed limit or doesn’t use their turn signal, so an officer pulls them over to potentially write a ticket. However, the driver’s behavior makes the officer suspect impairment. If someone fails a breath test, they can get arrested for violating Colorado’s per se limit for alcohol even if their driving didn’t seem noticeably diminished to the officer.

Encountering a checkpoint

Colorado law enforcement agencies routinely conduct sobriety checkpoints, which people also refer to as DUI roadblocks. They briefly interact with every motorist passing through the area to screen them for signs of intoxication. These mass enforcement efforts can sometimes lead to dozens of arrests in just a few hours.

Each of these scenarios might warrant different defense strategies depending on the circumstances of someone’s arrest. Understanding more about Colorado DUI charges may help someone begin preparing to fight against those allegations in criminal court.