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Treatments and specialists in store for back injury victims

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2023 | Personal Injury

While waiting in your car at a traffic light, you noticed the vehicle approaching from behind. Its driver was not slowing down. You knew what would happen, and your car was struck from the rear. The jolt quickly thrust your body forward with such force that you felt a twinge and pain in your lower back.

This is not good. This was not supposed to happen while running an errand. But it did. You know that this driver was negligent, and that you likely will face weeks of medical treatment, significant medical bills and possibly miss hours of work.

Surgery possible due to negligence of other driver

This incident is more than an inconvenience. As a result of the other driver’s inattentiveness, you make series of visits to doctors and physical therapists. The weakness and numbness also lead you to make regular trips to a chiropractor due the nagging back pain.

In time, you begin wearing a back brace and even try acupuncture treatment.

You are not sure whether these treatments will help. But what you do know is that you will likely have to live the rest of your life with back pain and discomfort. And, in serious cases, you may even have to have surgery due to chronic pain and damage to spine and the discs between the vertebrae.

In some cases, a back injury stemming from a car accident may not surface for hours, days and possibly weeks after the incident occurred. Such a situation represents a hidden injury with delayed symptoms.

Deserving of compensation

It is times like these that you not only need skilled medical care, but also the guidance of a skilled personal injury attorney. You gain important insight working with an attorney and learn that you deserve compensation for your back injury.