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Animal Law

Animal law is a growing field, yet few attorneys offer services in this area. We offer premiere services in animal law in the Littleton, Colorado area. Animals bring about income, health, family unity, and many other benefits to humans while simultaneously having feelings of their own. The field of animal rights is one in which many attorneys and leaders are arguing that animal sentience should be recognized by law.

Currently, there are many protection laws in place for animals in Colorado, and although pets can be included on Protection Orders and within trusts, they are still considered property. Certain animals lack basic protections—particularly those killed for meat or commonly used in research. Some counties in Colorado even have bans on certain dog breeds. Unique challenges come with the designation of animals as property, particularly when it comes to damages based on the value of the animal. Pets are family, and our firm is here to fight for you and your pet.

Animal law is an extensive area of law that has gained considerable traction in the past ten years. Cases may involve pets, livestock, and/or service or assistance animals. At Pickard Law, P.C., we offer services involving many areas of animal law, including, but not necessarily limited to: pet trusts, service and assistance animal disputes in housing, animal activist defense work, veterinary malpractice, dog bite defense, pet custody, harm to a pet, wrongful death of a pet, and suits against groomers, trainers, boarding facilities, and sitters who are negligent (or worse) in their care of your animal.

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  • Pet Trusts
  • Service & Assistance Animal Disputes
  • Animal Activist Defense
  • Veterinary Malpractice
  • Dog Bite Defense
  • Pet Custody
  • Wrongful Death or Harm to Your Animal
  • Civil Suits Against Trainers, Sitters, Facilities, and Groomers