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Administrative Law

If you have a case that would be the province of different administrative agencies, we are here to help at Pickard Law, P.C. We can also assist with family, criminal or civil law issues.


We’re Here To Help

With the growth of administrative agencies, many of our clients have problems that may spread out to involve several different forums. For example, a professional licensee going through a divorce that also gets a DUI may have a child abuse issue (if the kids were in the car), a professional license hearing, a driver’s license hearing, a criminal case. The professional licensing issue, a possible child abuse registry issue and the driver’s license hearing would be the province of three different administrative agencies.

Since your professional license is your livelihood, and the issues can be complex, this creates two problems. The first problem is the risk to your ability to earn a living. The second problem is that if you retain two lawyers to handle both issues, that typically requires two retainers and duplicative learning of the facts of your case.

Guiding Our Clients Through The Unique And Complex Administrative Law Process

Many cases have an administrative law problem in addition to a family law, criminal law, or civil law issue.  Each administrative agency has its own rules, as does each professional licensing authority.

For example, a lawyer would have to report any conviction, a therapist only certain convictions, and anyone with a DEA license, who prescribes medications, would have a duty to report a drug conviction to their respective licensing authorities.

Or a problem with substance abuse may also impact the professional license for a pharmacist.

Or a mandatory reporter may have a duty to report certain events such as child abuse and a failure to do so could affect her professional license.

Or a person with a professional license, such as an educator or daycare worker, could face employment consequences if placed on the child abuse registry.

Or a truck driver, with a commercial driver’s license, can be sanctioned for even a blood alcohol content that would not even rise to a driving while ability impaired conviction much less driving under the influence.

Administrative Courts Have Their Own Regulations, Procedures And Evidentiary Rules

Our attorneys have the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate these technical requirements. We are equipped to handle all aspects of administrative law including representing professionals that are facing disciplinary action. A complaint or inquiry from the board can have a significant impact on your practice and we can help facilitate communications and prepare a response. We are prepared to advocate on your behalf from filing the initial documents to representing you throughout the administrative process, to hearing if necessary.

We Have The Experience To Handle Administrative Matters

From the investigative process to hearings and to appeals as the client’s needs and the complexity of the case dictate. Some cases can be resolved in the investigative stage, preventing a complaint from going further than the initial inquiry. Some may require negotiation or a hearing after the complaint is filed. Others may require an appeal after the matter goes to hearing. We can handle every aspect of an administrative agency case including the appeal.