Kevin moved to Colorado in 1978 with a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Texas and a desire to live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.  As a high school student, he was third in the state of Texas in II-A competition in Number Sense, a math competition where the contestants must do the work in their head.  Years of engineering and work on large business deals, while rewarding in their own way, weren’t quite enough, so he decided to go to law school.

After graduating from the University of Denver Sturm College of Law, Kevin went to work for a small criminal defense firm.   In his first three years at that firm, he sat second chair defending two first degree murder trials, both of which resulted in acquittals.  After that, he worked at a large general practice firm, and two family law firms and has worked as a solo practitioner.

Experience & Community Involvement

As a Senior Associate Attorney, Kevin places a premium on solving the client’s problems.  Like an engineer, the focus is on solving the problem and doing so with a reasonable cost-benefit to the client.  That focus has enabled him to settle the vast majority of his cases. In more than three years prior to writing this biographical note, he’s only had three permanent orders trials, settling the others.   He’s willing and able to try a case, but it’s frequently not the best thing for the client. Having a certain, manageable outcome and ending the brain damage associated with a massive conflict has huge value.   Many clients, months after a tough day at mediation, have called to tell me how much better their life is after resolving their dispute.

The Pickard Law Firm focuses on ending your problem, too.  We’re all focused, as a team, on finding a resolution. Sometimes that can only come with the assistance of the court.  Sometimes, it can be resolved in a conference room, with reasonable people. Sometimes it takes some clever legal work. And sometimes, a little change in how people work with each other can work wonders.  We have the experience to try many different ways to get your problem to an end.

Client Testimonials

“My husband and I were represented directly by Kevin Massaro and the rest of the firm at Pickard Law, PC. We couldn’t of been in better hands. He was efficient, understanding, didn’t give us false hope and he fought to get the matter settled as quickly as possible!!! We couldn’t be more thankful for all that Kevin did for our family!”


“Kevin Massaro did an amazing job for me with a legal problem I had with my ex-husband. It was a very stressful time but Kevin put me at ease when I met him, and then he won my case for me very quickly. I can’t say enough about him or the whole staff. Everyone is very helpful and kind. Do not question whether you should hire him. You won’t be disappointed!”